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The Company

Faroe Dive was founded in the fall of 2002. The Campany┤s main goal is to provide diving opportunites to those who are interested in exploring the beautiful waterworld around the  Faroe Islands .

We accomplish this by offering several diving courses to our customers in cooperation with a dive instructor. The courses vary from the exiting  Discover Scuba Diving program through to the Divemaster course. In this way Faroe Dive has something to offer anyone who has the dream of becoming a recreational diver.

Faroe Dive also arranges dive-excursions around the islands.

Faroe Dive┤s office is located in the city of KlaksvÝk. This is also where most of our courses take place.  However if requested Faroe Dive can arrange Dive courses/guided tours almost anywhere around the islands.




Janus Joensen: Janus was born in Tˇrshavn June 1976. He made his first scuba dives in 1999. Since that day he has been hooked on diving and everything that is associated with it. He is certified as a PADI - Open Water Scuba Instructor and Medic First Aid Instructor. Janus graduated as a dive-instructor while being on a studytrip in Denmark. Janus is responsible for the Scuba Diver Courses arranged by Faroe Dive.     (+298) 21 89 29

    Direct email: janus@faroedive.fo


  • Open Water Diver                                 28.03.99 F°roya Kavarask˙li, FO

  • Advanced Open Water Diver                30.09.00 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Medic First Aid                                     26.04.01 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Rescue Diver                                         22.04.01 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Divemaster                                            18.03.02 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor                16.04.02 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Medic First Aid Instructor                      13.04.02 Diving 2000 A/S, DK

  • Basic Safty Training                               24.11.05 Trygdarmi­st°­in, FO

  • Poseidon Service Technician                  04.04.06 Poseidon AB, SE

  • Fire Fighter / Smoke Diver                     05.05.06 F°roya Brandsk˙li, FO

  • Fast Rescue Craft Driver                        16.10.06 Trygdarmi­st°­in, FO

  • EFR-Instructor (1.aid )                           06.04.06 Oxygene Jonkoping,SE

  • Commercial SCUBA Diver                     05.02.07 FOS&HA, FO

  • GMDSS ROC (VHF)                            04.10.07 Kl.Sjˇmannssk˙li, FO

  • Fast Rescue Craft Instructor                   04.10.07 Trygdarmi­st°­in, FO

  • Marine Safety Instructor                         04.10.07 Trygdarmi­st°­in, FO

  • Proficiency Certificate in boat handeling   23.04.08 Kl.Sjˇmannsskuli, FO

  • EAN(Nitrox)- Diver                               23.01.09 Oxygene J÷nk÷ping, SE

  • Tec Gas Blender,EAN(Nitrox)                25.01.09 Oxygene J÷nk÷ping, SE

  • EAN(Nitrox)- Instructor                         03.02.09 Oxygene J÷nk÷ping, SE

  • DAN Oxygene Provider                         02.07.09 NS.Fire Department,DK

  • Commercial Diver Certificate                  04.07.09 NS.Fire Department,DK

  • ERC Instructor                                       04.08.09 B.R.S. , DK

  • First Aid Instructor                                  14.08.09 B.R.S. , DK

  • H.U.E.T. Instructor                                10.12.10 Svitzer/Maersk, DK

  • Public Safety Diver                                12.09.11. Kbh. fire-dep., DK

  • O.T.S. Service Technician                      20.01.13 O.T.S. , USA

  • Class 1. Offshore Commercial Diver       04.07.14. N.Y.D. , NO

  • Trimix Gass Blender Instructor                28.07.14. Pro Dykk, NO


Lydia Joensen: Lydia was born in November 1978 in KlaksvÝk. While she was studying to become a teacher, in Denmark, she got the urge to try scuba diving. She liked Scuba Diving so much, that she is currently a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and is currently taking the Rescue Diver course. Lydia is the office manager at Faroe Dive.     ☏ 224 224     

           Direct email: lydia@faroedive.fo


  • Open Water Diver                                          18.11.01 Diving 2000 A/S

  • Advanced Open Water Diver                         31.10.03 Janus Joensen


Fimmbogi M. Poulsen: Fimmbogi was born in  Hvannasund 13.12.66. He made his first dives in 1999 and has been excited by diving in general ever since. In June this year he graduated as a PADI-Divemaster from Faroe Dive. Fimmbogi area of expertice is to handle guided dive-tours for visiting divers. He is also part of the divertraining that takes part in pool and open water. 


  • Open Water Diver                                        28.03.99 F°roya Kavarask˙li

  • Advanced Open Water Diver                        11.02.03 Janus Joensen         

  • Rescue Diver                                                 01.05.03 Janus Joensen

  • Divemaster                                                    15.06.05 Faroe Dive

Bßra Joensen: Bßra has lived all her life in Klaksvik in the north of the Faroe Islands. She has been diving since june 2006. She is the first woman to become Divemaster with Faroe Dive. Bßra is always ready to dive especially with visiting divers. At the moment she only dives with Faroe Dive in the summer and winter school holidays because she is attending University in Denmark.


  • Divemaster


Gundur Mortensen: Gundur lives in Thorshaven. He has been diving since 1999. He is especially interested in taking underwater pictures beside givin guided tours for visiting divers around the islands. Gundur is a trained teacher and works with publishinga and editing educational material for faroese students of all ages. Gundur is alway ready to jump in when there is a chance.


  • PADI Open Water Suba Intrustor



Faroe Dive - Mylnug°ta 17Kj - 700 KlaksvÝk - Faroe Islands - tlf. (+298) 458939 / 218929 / 224 224


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