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Commercial SCUBA Diver course starts in May

Follow this link to see students from previous course do part of their pool dives


In September the annual Commercial SCUBA Diver Course will start on the Faroe Islands. The Course is government approved and the participants receive work permits as Commercial SCUBA Divers, from the Faroese Occupational Safety & Health Administration.  

The Course in conducted according to international standards for training in this area. 

The Faroese commercial diving school is always trying to improve our courses. Therefor we have decided to include Commercial Nitrox use in our next Commercial SCUBA diver course.

 faroedive@faroedive.fo or call us at tlf. +298 218929

Click on the picture above to see a short video from an exercise dive from previous course.



Diving & Dinner

Have you tried our Diving and Dinner arrangement? Faroe Dive can arrange for you to go diving for mussels with our experienced guides and later in the day have the super fresh mussels for dinner. Many of our diving guests hava never tried harvesting their own food. If you would like to join us on one of these tours you are more than welcomed to contact us at faroedive@faroedive.fo or give us a call at +298 218929


Inline NITROX gass-blender

The Faroese Commercial Diving School has in cooperation with its partners developed an easy  to use High-Grade Stainless Steel NITROX Gass-mixer for use in diving operations. The requirements put forward by the developers before starting the project wa that the equipment should be easy to use, have few moving parts, as few eletrical parts as possible, should be easy to keep in Oxygene service, be almost undestructible and should excel in the harsh enviroment encountered by both commercial and recreational diving companies. Faroe Dive is now finished with its one year trial period and are more than happy with the products preformance. In general the mixing is spot on the target and no more than 0,1-0,2% off the target end-mix when used correctly. The Industry standard is usually that the mix needs to be within +/- 1% off the target end-mix. In the next weeks or so we will proceed with the introduction of the product to our commercial customers. If you have questions about the product or wish to order please feel more than welcomed to send us an email to faroedive@faroedive.fo 


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Faroe Dive-Vįgsheygsgota 38 -700 Klaksvķk-Faroe Islands - tlf. (+298) 218929)

Visiting diver in Eišsvķk






Diver holding a large Pleuronectes platessa (L)








Divers getting ready for a boat dive with Faroe Dive